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mighty mouse
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Default finding multiple of a number

how would you write in actionscript what in plain English sounds like:
if i equals 7 or a multiple of 7
ActionScript Code:
if (i==7 || ??????)
to state that in a literal (although limiting) form it would look like this
ActionScript Code:
if (i==7 || i==14 || i==21 || i==28)
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Chicken and perks!
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that sounds a lil tricky, how far up do you wanna go? I guess you could use a loop to calculate the next multiple but you need to eventually stop it or your script will malfunction. (Infinite Loop)
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mighty mouse
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let's keep it realistic then
up to 5
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Dave Stewart
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The operator (%) is built into most languages, and is called modulo:

var num = 235
var multiple = 5
var isMultiple:Boolean = num % multiple == 0
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