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Default [AS3] creating and loading a local swf library

I am making an RPG game largely inspired by the flash-based SRPG Dofus (dofus.com) and I am having trouble creating a storage structure for the potentially vast collection of characters, items, equipment, etc. Since the user will download the game to play it, I thought I could store everything in a library of .swf files (like Dofus does). However, I've found surprisingly virtually no documentation on how to do this.

So my question is really two-fold.

My first (a hopefully easy) question is: I've read about how to load swf's from url's, but how do I load local swf's? Do I address these external swf's by their relative positions to the primary swf? (i.e. LibraryFolder/Monsters/Monster1.swf)? I know this is really simple and you're probably thinking "wow, lazy jerk... just try a few things out!" but I'm asking because a) it's a two second question, and b) I can't get my current one to work right now, so I want to know if this is the problem.

My second question is: how can I create these external swf's from my current project? Do I have to make separate .fla files for each movie clip? Or is there some way I can export different movie clips into different .swf's?

Sorry if this question's really novice and I could've found it by searching the forums. I have searched various forums and come up dry. I have a feeling my answer lies somewhere in these forums, but I just don't know what I'm looking for...

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