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Default Flash components vs. Flex components

I know almost nothing about Flex. Just wanted to establish that at the outset.

A client sent me an API component - an swc file - to use in a project I'm doing. I installed it in my Flash folders, but it didn't show up in the Components panel when I launched Flash. When I queried the client about it, he said that it was actually a Flex component.

My question is, what's the difference between a Component written for Flex and one written for Flash ? Can a Flex component be adapted for use in Flash ? In that what I received is a .swc, I'm assuming it has to have been written in ActionScript.

Any help would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks.
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Flex, for one, is Actionscript 3.
A flex component CAN be adapted for use in Flash CS3 but only with Actionscript 3. You can try on the AS3 forums for some help, but I'm afraid i'm lost on how to do it. (I know it has been done, as some smart guy converted the Google maps API from Flex to CS3)
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Many thanks, David. If I get this sorted out, I'll post it. -bruce
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Flex components do not necessarily extend DisplayObject (which is a must for Flash components). To get your Flex component into Flash you'll need to recompile it with Flex compiler adding some dummy DisplayObject relative (eg. Sprite / MovieClip) class that imports the rest of the classes. But the more simple way would be to ask for another Flash-compatible SWC =)
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Flex, for one, is Actionscript 3.
Depends on which Flex version you are using.. Flex 1 for example isn't AS 3.0

Anyway, Flex > Flash. Flex is a dev environment with much better built components then the ones in Flash. So if you want better components and more flexibility then go for Flex. From what I know not all Flex components can be adapted correctly with Flash, mainly because Flex is quite different from Flash and it has tons of classes that do not exist in Flash. There will be situations when you can create flex components that behave well inside Flash but once stuff gets more and more complex the harder will you be able to make Flex components communicate correctly with Flash.
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