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Default List box component... How to use?

Hey peeps,

I know I should know how to use this thing but I have yet to figure it out. Cna someone point me in the dir of a tut I can use or just put it in simple english for me.

Thanks all!
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works alot like the combo box... if you know one, you pretty much know them both... here is an example...
on your fla, put on a listbox with an instance name 'myList' (use the suffix '_lb' if you want the little dropdown list help thingie) -hope thats not too technical - hah.
also, for grins stick on a dynamic text box with name 'posts'.
then heres the code to test:
ActionScript Code:
arLabel=new Array("tg","sum","billyt","red penguin","pinkaboo","jesse","pixelwit"); arData=new Array(2477,10,3057,1608,1325,6679,975); //load the box with data/labels for(var i=0;i<arLabel.length;i++){     myList.addItem(arLabel[i],arData[i]); } //tell the list box to hide the scroll bar when the list is shorter than the box. myList.setAutoHideScrollBar(true); //set the change handler for the list box //this tells the list box what function to run //when an item is selected. //if you use the suffix '_lb' in your instance name, you will get the dropdown //box of all available methods for the listbox when writing your code. myList.setChangeHandler("itemPicked"); itemPicked=function(){     //an item has been selected:     //insert the data value in the box into the text box     var myVal=myList.getSelectedItem().data;     posts.text=myVal;     //just to display the scrollbar stuff, lets remove anyone who has less than     //1000 posts     if(myVal<1000){         myList.removeItemAt(myList.getSelectedIndex());     } };

hope this helps a bit.
also, don't forget to check the reference panel... lots of good explanations there.
what the hell was i thinking?
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ahhhhh.. thanx for this tg.
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