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Default shooting multiple bullets (AS3)

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to make my platform game character shoot a gun, my character and gun are one movieclip and the bullet is another. The bullet mc starts on a blank frame with a stop() function, when I press the space bar the bullet mc plays from frame 2 which is a motion tween of the bullet quickly moving across the page. I've set the bullet's y and x values relative to the character mc so that the bullet always comes from the gun.

My issue is that if I press the space bar a bullet will fly out of the gun (great!) but if I press the space bar again, the first bullet disappears and the bullet animation starts again. I want to be able to shoot a new bullet every time I press the space bar without effecting the bullets that have already been shot.


if(event.keyCode == Keyboard.SPACE)

bullet_right_mc.y = (ball_mc.y -38);
bullet_right_mc.x = (ball_mc.x + 253);



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throw a trace() in there
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I would maintain an array of bullets, create a Bullet class, and do something like this:

ActionScript Code:
var newBullet:Bullet = new Bullet(x,y); bulletList.push(newBullet);
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Cheers for your help dude.
I added the class bullet and set a var bulletVar:

var bulletVar:bullet = new bullet();
spaceDown = true;
bulletVar.y = (ball_mc.y -38);

Thanks again!
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