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Default help with simple dressup


I am making a simple dressup game but I guess due to the large amount of movieclips (something like 60 movieclips including the accessories) its gotten buggy. Things don't stop dragging and 'stick' to the mouse sometimes.

Also I would like to make it so that the clothing you click on becomes on top of all other clothing. But unfortunately when I tried to add some code for making it the top depth it seemed even more buggy and didn't always work.

Here is the code I'm using. I'd be very grateful for any help.

///// Main Frame

         for(var i=1; i<=51 ;i++){
        // get reference to each piece of clothing
        var clothing = this["clothes"+i];
        // scale down clothes to thumbnails
           var scale = 40;
        clothing._xscale = scale;
        clothing._yscale= scale;

_global.myRoot = this;
//////// On Each Movieclip

onClipEvent (load)

    // Make a note of original position
    _global.clothes50xPos = this._x;
    _global.clothes50yPos = this._y;


    // Start dragging and scale up to full size


    // stop dragging

    // if the clothing is not over the character area
    if(_global.myRoot._xmouse >=280){

        // scale back down to thumbnail size

        // put back to original position
        this._x = _global.clothes50xPos;
        this._y = _global.clothes50yPos;

Thanks for any help.
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For making things go on top try swapDepths.

mySprite.swapDepths( depth )
mySprite.swapDepths( target )

this.swapDepths(myContainerClip.getNextHighestDept h())
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