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Default Modifing variable values of another movieclip

I have 3 movieclips on the stage

The movieclip "brain" is where I put all the variable calculations.

The movieclip "earth" moves on a simple tween the third movieclip "moon" is nested in the movieclip "earth" moving in its tween.

In the timeline of movieclip "earth" I put this on frame 1:

var pnt:Object = {x:moon._x, y:moon._y}
Trace( pnt.x);
Trace( pnt.y);

Frame 2 is gotoAndPlay (1)

This works great! [correction edit] It doesn't work great, it returns the wrong coordinates. It actually gives the distance to twice as far from center point of the movieclip "earth"

So to get the right coordinates I made this calculation adjustment removing half the distance:
_x=pnt.x + ( (xx-pnt.x) /2 );
_y=pnt.y + ( (yy-pnt.y) /2 );

xx and yy are the center coordinates of the movieclip "earth" by putting a dummy movieclip at the 0,0 location.

var pnt:Object = {x:dummy._x, y:dummy._y}

Question: How do I send the values pnt.x and pnt.y to the clip "brain" ?

It would be great if I could do that differently than how I'm doing it now. For now I use an invisible movieclip named "pin01" It is used as the clip both can read and affect as the movieclip "moon" is not visible to the movieclip "brain"

I replace:

Trace( pnt.x);
Trace( pnt.y);

and place instead:

with (_root.pin01) {

in the movieclip "brain":

with (_root.pin01) {
xxx=_x; yyy=_y:
trace ("moon x=" + xxx + " moon y=" + yyy);

I get what I want but there must be a better way?

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