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Exclamation Click to clear text field

I am pretty new to AS3, and am trying to have my text field clear when I click it, then, if nothing is typed, go back to the original text. For example, I am using this for a "First Name" field.

This is the code I have that isnt working... thoughts? Its giving me an error for the focusHandler, but I cant find the right replacement property?

txName.focusHandler = function(){
	if(txName.text == "Full Name"){
		txName.text = "";
txName.killFocusHandler = function(){
    if(txName.text == "")
        txName.text = "Full Name";

thank you!
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Are you using AS3? There is no property of TextField called focusHandler or killFocusHandler.

you should be using the FocusEvent.FOCUS_IN and FocusEvent.FOCUS_OUT.

ActionScript Code:
myTextField.addEventListener( FocusEvent.FOCUS_IN, clearText ); myTextField.addEventListener( FocusEvent.FOCUS_OUT, checkText ); function clearText(e:FocusEvent):void {     myTextField.text = ""; } function checkText(e:FocusEvent):void {     if (myTextField.text == "")     {          myTextField.text = "Full Name";     } }
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