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Default Please help answer my two questions

First of all, sorry if these questions don't belong to this forum. I looked through and had no idea where to post my questions at ...

For my first question, it relates to flash gallery. I have been looking a lot to find a tutorial for this but for some reason I just can't find what I am looking for. The attachment below is the type of gallery that I'm looking for. Another example would be from this template. Does this type of gallery also use 2 same mc holder for the images when pages are scrolled through? If so this leads to my second question.

The second question is that if they do use a holder for those images to load up new images as the (page) is selected, then is there anyway for me to create a button that would allow me to click onto that image and open it up in another window (just regular IE for this example). And this button would be only button that use same animation but when clicking on leads me to that specific image only. To make it easier to get through of what my lack of explanation, this is similar to what I'm thinking of using like. This website compares the usage of AS 1-3 (I'm thinking of using the 3rd one). And if this is the correct, then is it possible for me to use this same button for more than one movieclip? Since my flash template is a portfolio book template and I will be having more than one "page" of gallery.

Thank you so much for reading this through. I really hope that I explained my problem(s)/question(s) clear enough... I'm not very good at it sorry .
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Well, if you want to make the gallery for a website (e.g.) or something like that, you can make it very simple (yep, I'm new at flash, I usually try the apparently simple ways, it doesn't mean they are the best ways, but sometimes they are).

You can simply make various keyframes, each one containing one pic (or two, as you want), and the little thumbnails below.

Then, in each of that frame, make the thumbnails buttons, and add code to them, to go to the desired frame. You can add transitions too.

E.G.: You are in frame 1 and have a thumbnail of a pic with a dog. When you click it, it goes to frame 10 and plays, and a transition is made were the screen fades out and fades in, almost the same, only with the dog pic in original size, at the center.

Though, you have to create all the transitions, if you have 4 pics, you have to create: ABCD A -> B / A-> C / A -> D / B->A / B->C etc.

It would work and it could be applied to the website example, but if you want to train your AS, this is not a good way to do it and it would give you much more work than with AS.

With AS you could have a movieclip or something at the center, and when the thumbnail is clicked, it loads a graphic into the movieclip.

But I can't help you now, with exact code.

I can give you some links I searched now tough, they'll maybe help you:

Loading image files into movie clips
Loading dynamic data into flash

Flash picture gallery with twinkling transition

Hope it helps, sorry for the long post xD and for my english.


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