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Default score board in game by flash and asp

hi there

any ideas for making a score board?

my process :
user input in swf --> asp action file --> swf output

in tutorial, it is said that you may pass variable by appending it to the swf tag in html, such as...

dim passedValue=
do while not RS.eof
for i = 0 to RS.fields.count - 1
Response.Write RS(i).Value

<param name=movie value=end.swf?value=<%=passedValue%>>

flash will then retrieve the variable. however, i don't think i can pass the variable and tell the flash to play at let's say frame 10,
can i?? if not, that means the input and output file swf will be 2 separate files. can i make it into only 1??

will flash accept <br>,<table>,<tr>,<td> tag?? if not, how could i make something like:

john 10
mary 9
peter 8
........ .
in a dynamic text box??

even i put it into a array and split it by "," how could I put it into next line?

may be there's a way in xml....but i don't know xml....

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why don't you post your fla and asp file so folks here have a better understanding of what your talkin about.
what the hell was i thinking?
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