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Exclamation hitTest timer stop

well im making this maze for school and i was wondering if any of the more experienced coders out there could help me with it

here is the code for the timer

//initial variables
var timing:Boolean = false;
var paused:Boolean = false;
var remaining:Number;
var elapsedTime:Number;
var elapsedHours: Number;
var elapsedM:Number;
var elapsedS:Number;
var elapsedH:Number;
var startTime:Number;
var remaining:Number;
var hours:String;
var minutes:String;
var seconds:String;
var hundredths:String;

_root.play_btn.onPress = function() {
	if(!_root.timing) {
		if (_root.paused) {
			_root.startTime = getTimer() - _root.elapsedTime;
		} else {
			_root.startTime = getTimer();
		//start timer
		_root.paused = false;
		_root.timing = true;

if (_root.end.hitTest(_x, getBounds(_root).yMax, true)) {
            _root.timing = false;
			_root.paused = true;

_root.onEnterFrame = function() {
	if (timing) {
		//calculate values
		elapsedTime = getTimer()-startTime;
		elapsedHours = Math.floor(elapsedTime/3600000);
		remaining = elapsedTime-(elapsedHours*3600000);
		elapsedM = Math.floor(remaining/60000);
		remaining = remaining-(elapsedM*60000);
		elapsedS = Math.floor(remaining/1000);
		remaining = remaining-(elapsedS*1000);
		elapsedH = Math.floor(remaining/10);
		//output to text box
		//add a 0 on the front of the numbers if the number is less than 10
		if (elapsedHours<10) {
			hours = "0"+elapsedHours.toString();
		} else {
			hours = elapsedHours.toString();
		if (elapsedM<10) {
			minutes = "0"+elapsedM.toString();
		} else {
			minutes = elapsedM.toString();
		if (elapsedS<10) {
			seconds = "0"+elapsedS.toString();
		} else {
			seconds = elapsedS.toString();
		if (elapsedH<10) {
			hundredths = "0"+elapsedH.toString();
		} else {
			hundredths = elapsedH.toString();
		_root.timer_txt = hours+":"+minutes+":"+seconds+":"+hundredths;
the part that is italicised is the part i need help with

i want the timer to stop once the player hits the end of the game so if you could help me out...

PM me if you want the file or any more info

Thanks in Advance

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