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Default Problems implementing MVCS: Error1119


Hopefully somebody can help me with this. It drives me crazy:

I am trying to implement mvcs blueprint but i have problems with implementing the components mxml. I have this components mxml

ActionScript Code:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> ---Components.mxml <Components     xmlns="com.tamsite.service.*"     xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml"     xmlns:controller="com.tamsite.controller.*"     xmlns:model="com.tamsite.model.*">         <GetSiteContentService id="getSiteContentService" urlPrefix="http://localhost/amfphp/services/"/>     <controller:Controller id="controller" getSiteContentService="{getSiteContentService}"/> </Components> ----- Components.as package com.tamsite.service {     import com.tamsite.controller.IController;         import flash.events.Event;         import mx.core.UIComponent;         [Bindable]     public class Components extends UIComponent     {         /** Reference to singleton instance of this class. */         private static var _instance:Components;                 public var controller:IController;                 public var getSiteContentService:IGetSiteContentService;                     public function Components()         {             super();             _instance = this;             dispatchEvent(new Event("instanceChanged"));         }                 [Bindable("instanceChanged")]         public static function get instance():Components         {             return _instance;         }     } } --- controller.as     public class Controller extends EventDispatcher implements IController     {         [Bindable]         public var statusLabel:Label;                 public var getSiteContentService : IGetSiteContentService;                 private var _activeOperations:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection;                 //////////////////////////////////////         // IController Implementation         //////////////////////////////////////         public function getAgenda():ICollectionView         {             var dataProvider:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();                performOperation(getSiteContentService.loadAgenda(dataProvider));             return dataProvider;                     } --- Icontroller.as package com.tamsite.controller {           import mx.collections.ICollectionView;     import mx.controls.Label;         public interface IController     {            function set statusLabel(l:Label):void;                 function getAgenda():ICollectionView;     } } --- main.mxml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <mx:Application     xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute"     xmlns:view="com.tamsite.view.*" xmlns:service="com.tamsite.service.*">     <mx:Resize id="resize" />         <service:tamsiteComponents id="components"/>         <mx:Panel width="90%" height="90%" layout="absolute" x="44.5" y="10" styleName="MainPanel">         <mx:Canvas width="95%" height="518" horizontalCenter="0">         <mx:HBox x="10" y="92" width="100%" height="100%">         <view:TamNavigationAccordion             resizeToContent="true"             resizeEffect="{resize}"             x="10" y="77"             openDuration="500"/>                 <mx:VBox width="100%" height="100%">                     </mx:VBox>             </mx:HBox>     <mx:Image width="153" source="images/TAMlogo.png" scaleContent="true" height="74" x="10" y="10"/>         </mx:Canvas>     </mx:Panel>     <mx:Style source="Skin.css"/> </mx:Application>

The main problem is the component.mxml. I get the message:

1119: Access of possibly undefined property getSiteContentService through a reference with type static com.tamsite.controller:IController.

I don't what i'm doing wrong. I used the reviewtube app from berkovitz as example. Any ideas?
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IController doesn't define a method getSiteContentService and this is what the error says you.
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