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Default [AS2] Key Down Question.

Hello. Im looking to add new weapons to my games. Im not sure how to make it so that it replaces the current bullet movieclip so im making it an ammo type. I would like to make it so that everytime you hit 1,2,3,etc, that it will shoot based on the number you pushed. I noticed that it didnt include any numbers or letters with keydown so i was wondering what the script would be.

if (Key.isDown(Key.(I want this to be 1)) {

if (timer>=5) {
_root.attachMovie("Bullet1","Bullet1"+i,_root.getN extHighestDepth());
_root["Bullet1"+i]._x = Ship._x+3;
_root["Bullet1"+i]._y = Ship._y;
timer = 0;// Restarts the timer at 0.

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You specify the key code for the key....you can find the codes here http://www.asciitable.com/

PS: 32 is space

oh and learn to use arrays properly then you will be able to switch weapons....if you get stuck, ask here!
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Check this out.

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Thanks a bunch. I already got it so u can use multiple weapons but i couldnt figure out how to use anything other than enter, shift, alt, etc. I tried using the number corresponding to the key like i used to in visual basic but i set it up wrong. Thanks again =).
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