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Default Coldfusion 8

I just installed adobe coldfusion 8 but i cant find it's exe , so how can I run it ?
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My question is also similar - I have also installed ColdFusion 8, and dont know what to do with it. Can anyone suggest me a Hello World tutorial for CF?
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you do not "run" CF per say..

CF8 is installed as a service.

Assuming you have also installed a HTTP server like IIS or Aapache, and you have installed CF correctly (MIME types ect) you should be able to access the configuration page at:



as for question no. 2

CF uses CFML (a tag based markup language similar to HTML).


            <cfquery name="qGenIdCheck" datasource="myDataSource">
                SELECT usedId
                FROM idTable
This is an example of the cfquery tag, it has 2 requirements to work, a name attribute and a datasource attribute.

Same as html, if it opens it closes. (in most cases)

Nested within the cfquery tags is the query i wish want to run, above i am selecting all userId's from the table "idTable".

(datasources are speicified in the CFIDE admin page, under the menu "datasources" of all places :P)

you could then see the contents of this query like so

<cfdump var="#qGenIdCheck#">
this is only a simple example of one of the hundreds of tags available.

i suggest the following site as a good head start..


excuse the lousy english
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