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Default [AS2] menu bar-add item problem

hi everyone. im new to the forum, and flash/actionscript 2, so let me know if im doing something wrong. anyway heres my question. im creating a card game. i have a seperate timeline for the menu bar. ive placed this code on the first cell of the timeline:
ActionScript Code:
import mx.controls.Menu; import mx.controls.MenuBar; var my_mb:MenuBar; var my_menu:Menu = my_mb.addMenu("File"); my_menu.addMenuItem({label:"New Game", instanceName:"newInstance"}); my_menu.addMenuItem({label:"Reset Cards", instanceName:"openInstance"}); my_menu.addMenuItem({label:"Close", instanceName:"closeInstance"}); my_menu.addMenuItem({label:"Deal New Row", instanceName:"newRow"}); //Create listener object. var mbListener:Object = new Object(); mbListener.change = function(evt_obj:Object) {  var menuItem_obj:Object = evt_obj.menuItem;  switch (menuItem_obj.attributes.instanceName) {  case "newInstance":   _root.gotoAndStop(10);   break;  case "openInstance":   ResetCards();   break;  case "closeInstance":   break;  case "newRow":  dealNewRow();   break;  } }; my_menu.addEventListener("change", mbListener);

the problem i get is that when the user selects "new game" it should restart the game. when it does this the toolbar is not reset. instead a new menu item is added (without removing the old one. so evertime the user hits new game, a new "file" menu is added). how do i make sure there is only 1 "File" menu?
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what's in your resetCards() function. Could it be in there?

You could try making a default case in your switch. It could be botching something up somehow maybe...?

I think without more code it'll be hard to figure that one.
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