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Default Fighting loader and custom event dispatch

Hello, I am fighting with the following code. The problem starts with not being able to dispatch the "UnloadMe". I got this code from another forum thread, but it doesn't work for me. How can I debug this type of problem?

thanks Peter

ActionScript Code:
package code{     import flash.display.MovieClip;     import flash.display.SimpleButton;     import flash.display.Sprite;     import flash.display.Shape;     import flash.display.Loader;     import flash.display.LoaderInfo;     import flash.events.ProgressEvent;     import flash.events.Event;     import flash.events.MouseEvent;     import flash.net.URLRequest;     public class Main extends MovieClip {         public var canvas:Sprite;         public var swfLoader:Loader;         public var swfContainer:MovieClip;         private var isLoaded:Boolean=false;         private var isImgLoaded:Boolean=false;         private static  const YELLOW:Number = 0xFFFF00;         private static  const BLUE:Number = 0x0000FF;         private static  const GREEN:Number = 0x00FF00;         private static  const RED:Number = 0xFF0000;         private static  const BLACK:Number = 0x000000;         public function Main() {             canvas=new Sprite();             swfLoader=new Loader();             swfContainer=new MovieClip();             drawCanvas();             addChild(canvas);             controllingSwfs("Load Movie");             cl_Btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, drawCanvasClick);         }         function controllingSwfs(WhatToLoad:String):void {             // declare the load complete event handler             // load the external SWF             trace(WhatToLoad);             loadSwf('videoDemo_final.swf');             isLoaded=true;         }         function loaderCompleteHandler(evt:Event):void {             // cast swfContainer as a MovieClip             swfContainer=swfLoader.content  as  MovieClip;             // add the external SWF to the display list after it has completed loading             swfContainer.x=10;             swfContainer.y=10;             var rect:Shape = new Shape();             rect.graphics.beginFill(0);             rect.graphics.drawRect( 30, 30, 349, 299);             rect.graphics.endFill();             canvas.addChild(rect);             swfContainer.mask=rect;             canvas.addChild(swfContainer);             trace("in complete");             swfContainer.clear_Btn = this.cl_Btn;             trace(swfContainer.clear_Btn, cl_Btn);             swfLoader.contentLoaderInfo.removeEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,loaderCompleteHandler,false);         }         function drawCanvas():void {             canvas.graphics.clear();             canvas.graphics.beginFill(0xFFFFF0);             canvas.graphics.lineStyle(2, BLACK);             canvas.graphics.drawRect( 30, 30, 350, 300);             canvas.graphics.endFill();         }         function drawCanvasClick(event:MouseEvent):void {             if (isLoaded==true) {                 trace("blink blink");                 dispatchEvent(new Event("UnloadMe"));                 // swfLoader.unload();                 isLoaded=false;             }             drawCanvas();         }         function loadSwf(Url:String):void {             trace("in load swf");             swfLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,loaderCompleteHandler);             swfLoader.addEventListener("UnloadMe", unloadFunction);             swfLoader.load(new URLRequest(Url));                 }         function unloadFunction(event:Event):void {             // event.target is the loader reference.. so cast it as Loader             trace("blink blink blink");             canvas.removeChild(swfContainer);             Loader(event.currentTarget).unload();             swfLoader.removeEventListener("UnloadMe", unloadFunction, false);         }     } }
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