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Default Playing Multiple Movies

So I'm very much a beginner at this and over the last week or so I've created a nice little screen with 10 buttons. Each button, when clicked plays a movie with the FLVPlayer object. It actually works very well so far.

But here's where I'm stuck. When the movie from Button 1 plays, then finishes playing, I would like the next movie, the one behind Button 2 to start playing automatically so if the user lets it run, all 10 would play from Beginning to End.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to make it detect when Video 1 ends so I can move it to Video 2.

Any help is truly appreciated, this is the first time I've designed anything in flash and so far, I'm really liking it.
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Sorry, I probably won't be of much help, but did you use any actionscript? If so could you post it? If not maybe you should use it to solve the problem.
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So each one of the videos has it's own button, click the button and the video plays. What I would like it to do is let's say someone clicks the Video5 button, when it ends, if no buttons are pressed, I want it to move on to Video 6 automatically.

I've thought of doing one long video divided into segments but there may be a time where I want to change one of the videos and I don't want to have to deal with defining segments everytime I re-record one of the videos.

ActionScript Code:
stop(); pages.stop(); var myNum:int = 0; var totalNumVideos = 11; var myVideoArray:Array = new Array(); myVideoArray.push("Videos/Video1.flv"); myVideoArray.push("Videos/Video2.flv"); myVideoArray.push("Videos/Video3.flv"); myVideoArray.push("Videos/Video4.flv"); myVideoArray.push("Videos/Video5.flv"); myVideoArray.push("Videos/Video6.flv"); myVideoArray.push("Videos/Video7.flv"); myVideoArray.push("Videos/Video8.flv"); myVideoArray.push("Videos/Video9.flv"); myVideoArray.push("Videos/Video10.flv"); myVideoArray.push("Videos/Video11.flv"); function startPlaying(num:int): void {     VideoPlayer.source = myVideoArray[num];     VideoPlayer.play(); } function makeFBSegmentsButton(mc:MovieClip,num:int): void {     mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,onClickFBSegmentsButton);     mc.buttonMode = true;     mc.num = num; } function onClickFBSegmentsButton(e:MouseEvent):void {     if (VideoPlayer.state == "playing") {         VideoPlayer.stop();      }     myNum = e.target.num;     startPlaying(myNum); } makeFBSegmentsButton(FBVideo1_btn,0); makeFBSegmentsButton(FBVideo2_btn,1); makeFBSegmentsButton(FBVideo3_btn,2); makeFBSegmentsButton(FBVideo4_btn,3); makeFBSegmentsButton(FBVideo5_btn,4); makeFBSegmentsButton(FBVideo6_btn,5); makeFBSegmentsButton(FBVideo7_btn,6); makeFBSegmentsButton(FBVideo8_btn,7); makeFBSegmentsButton(FBVideo9_btn,8); makeFBSegmentsButton(FBVideo10_btn,9); makeFBSegmentsButton(FBVideo11_btn,10); myNum = 0; startPlaying(myNum);
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