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Default Can I open a local program?

I built a presentation style CD that has links to open PDf's and a sample video. The video is an older AVI file that requires a special codec to play unless the person has Camtasia Player. I could put CamPlay on the CD and let them use that program to view it. My question is, if I put the actual CamPlay program on the CD can I call the avi to open with that program, instead of it trying to default to Windows Media Player? I was hoping to do this with a getURL since it's a button that launches the video. I guess this would be the same as someone trying to open an MP3 with Real Player instead of Windows Media Player. Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

If this needs moved to the Projector/CD forum please do.
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From my little understanding about life in general, I assume that the feature you are asking is something to actually tell the OS to do, such as, "Open With" command when right clicking on the file that it is you want to specify from now on what it should open (and in your case play with).

I am interested to know if there is some kind of ActionScript (if it exists) that can direct the .swf what video player to open up and play with according to the extension type.

@The resident experts.
Please post here if such a Script exists. Cheers.
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If the player you want to use is a standalone application and doesn't have to be installed then you're in luck, you can do what you need with a BAT file and the EXEC FSCommand.

Just put the command to open the file using your alternate player in a BAT file called "openvideo1.bat" and use fscommand("EXEC", "openvideo1.bat") to launch it. The BAT file has to be in a special folder called "fscommand" that's is in the same folder where your EXE is but that's it.

This will show an ugly DOS box when you do it, but I created a FREE tool called Proxy to get around this.
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