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Default Dynamic Text - First Letter Bold

Hi again.
I have a dynamic text field with a very simple external text loader.
this text field just contains t list of people...

function textLoadComplete(event:Event):void
clientList.text = textLoader.data;

var textLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
var textReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest('clientlist.txt');

textLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, textLoadComplete);
But now a want the first letter of every line in bold or 2 point sizes bigger.
I know I can only embed one text style - and bold would be an additional style, right?
But it's only a simple list of words - no links - no other extras.
Does anybody know if this can be done...

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hope this demo helps. you can just copy and paste it in the actions panel of the Flash IDE to see it work.
ActionScript Code:
// base format for field text var normalFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat( "Arial", 12, 0x000000 ); // bold format for first character in a line var boldFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat( "Arial Bold", 14, 0x000000 ); // your text var strList:String = "Harry\nMary\nSue\rWillie"; // the text field, base setup var field:TextField = new TextField(); field.border = true; field.width = 200; field.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.NONE; // auto set normal format field.defaultTextFormat = normalFormat; // set your text field.text = strList; addChild( field ); // now format the first character in each line // with bold and bigger font-size formatList(); function formatList():void {     // get the total number of text lines     var numLines:int = field.bottomScrollV;     // loop through each line     for( var i:int = 0; i < numLines; i++ )     {         // get the index of the first character of this line         var charcterIndex:int = field.getLineOffset( i );         // set the format of the charcter         field.setTextFormat( boldFormat, charcterIndex, charcterIndex + 1 );     } }
o Please do a search before you post
o Please use the [ as][ /as] tag for your code (so we can read it clearly)
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Wow... That was AWESOME
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