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Question Have I got a big one?

I'm doing a site using scrolling MC's.
I have a pretty fast processor (1.3 GB) & was wondering if anyone with a less powerful one can tell me if the scrolling is slowing the performance of their computer.
PS. it's nowhere near finished, I want to get some feedback to see if it's worth persuing.

kelmel test

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Default apologies guys

Message well and truely edited.
Sorry for the ignorance & thanx for the replies.

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my pleasure
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hey kelmel
chill man
grab a guiness and listen for a minute

there's only two hours between your posts! if you post and then refresh your page every five mins you'll likely get frustrated.

consider that just maybe...
... some people ignored the 'do i have a big one?'
not everyone has the same sense of humour, it's better to use a clear descriptive title like 'cpu test' or something
.... the people who read it were all on heavy machines (this IS a developers forum, you know) and didn't see the point in tellin you it scrolls great on their 2gig monsters?
... you should be a little more patient?

and it's really really dumb to insult people when you're asking them to do something for you.
"not too helpfull people?"
YOU LITTLE... aargh aargh aaargh
*chokes flashspeedo like homer does bart*

i'm on a pentium2 here at home, not too fast machine. edit that stupid second post and i'll test your site.
give and take, mate
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and again my belgian colleague was one step ahead of me...

And believe me he's right 'bout the things he said. You're not making yourself very popular here...

I opened the page before reading his ultimatum to which I'd gladly join, but since I've allready seen it it would be even more stupid to not tell you anything at all...

I'm on a 1.7 so it scrolls fine with me, but there's this little thingie I saw. When your page loads and you first click the 'home' button,, which after all is on top, it skips a little part... you might wanna try to set that straigt... just to make it more slick...


please keep your temper next time, posts like your second one aren't appreciated. not at all.
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i must agree as well, what is up with all this impatience! fact remains that no one, and really mean NO ONE has to do a damn thing for anyone here. This is a community of like minded people who have agree to help eachother. There is no place where it is even implied that the help that is given is required. We all have a lot to do. I, for my part, have learned a lot here, and I give it back where I can.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

seriously! URRGGGAAAhRTUJhdp saufhh [asfh;HBGL HGVLZIVUDF!!


anyway, your site scrolls fine. (1GHZ Mac)
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