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Default [AS3] Collision Map

I was wondering if anyone had any pointers on how to create some sort of collision map in ActionScript? Like a picture that has areas that are either transparent or black, if you are colliding with the black area, that means you are out of bounds, while you may traverse freely on the transparent areas.

Trying to figure out a quick and easy way to add boundaries to a top-down map that I've created randomly in Photoshop.
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There are a few tutorials that you should be able to find easilly enough on how to do "pixel hit tests" with bitmaps.

Here is one of them that I found right away by searching google for "as3 bitmap collision detection"

I've seen others as well that are better written then this one, but do pretty much the same thing.
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Thanks for the reply.

Even though I didnt read the tutorial I think I did somewhat what the person did in that tutorial.

I just constantly check the units coordinates against the collision map. If the pixel I am standing on (on the collision map, has a color (getPixel result value) larger than 0, then I am on unwalkable terrain. Walks like a charm!

Having a bit of problem now with my AI though, can't really collision detect the same way. It still works, it just sometimes cowers and runs back to its original position (which it should do when it doesnt have a "scent" on the player unit and the player unit is out of range/out of sight.

But still, the collision map/pixel test really did the job for me, perfect wall-collision detection for my player unit.
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