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Default auto load SOUND with one button Pause/Resume issues.

**Sound SUPER newbie** + AS3 novice (I know some but am no coder)

I like what the script below does
but I need it to be extended in 2 ways and I can not figure how.

this is what I would like this code to do...
1. play (ideally stream) sound automatically on entering the site.
(right now the play button must be invoked, and it takes a little time to load.)
2. loop that same sound source
3. ideally instead of stopping the sound I would prefer a pause.

so more simply
sound plays on entering site
and I have ONE button (well 2 but changing visibilities)
that control only pause and resume

any thoughts suggestions pointers?

I have looked around quite a bit
but can never find what I am looking for
it would appear that everyones sound issues are so unique that no one
has the exact issue that I do (well I am sure many do but I can't find the thread. )

thanks in advance AS.org rocks (great community!)

oh and here is a link to what I have as of now

var loadSnd:URLRequest = new URLRequest("ax Mr .l..mp3");
var thisSnd:Sound = new Sound();


var sndTrans:SoundChannel = new SoundChannel();
var st:SoundTransform = new SoundTransform();

stop_btn.visible = false;

function playF(e:MouseEvent):void
	st.volume = .9;
	sndTrans.soundTransform = st;
	sndTrans = thisSnd.play();
	play_btn.visible = false;
	stop_btn.visible = true;

function stopF(e:MouseEvent):void
	play_btn.visible = true;
	stop_btn.visible = false;
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