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Default Is As dying?

AS forums seem to be semi empty. A lot of questions are unanswered. Is the AS community going down?
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Howdy and Welcome...

This is the place where people help each other voluntarilly... Nobody is forcing anybody to answer a question here... People come in in their own time, pick up a thread that is interesting to them and answers...

Several of the common things in those unanswered threads are...
#1. The question probably have been answered more than I can count with my hand... Those people who post question simply throw out the question without doing their own research...
#2. The question contains lots of code without much explanation on what the problem is... The post simply says something like 'I cannot stop the tween in this code', and shows like 100 lines of codes along with it...
#3. People mistake this place as a place where they can have somebody do their job for free... We are all for helping others if that helps that person and the community at the same time... But we don't really like those people who try to take advantage of the whole thang...
#4. People think that they will get help fast like in 10 minutes after they post the question... Maybe, maybe not... But there are people who bump ups the post every hour because they did not get help... Like I was saying, this is a place where people help each other on their own time... If they really need urgent help, they'd hire somebody do the job for them...
#5. Lots of people don't read the post as soon as they create one... They really need to read the question from the view of a third person who know nothing about the problem... Explain the problem as much as you can so that other people can help you...

Um... I have no idea why I am doing this, but I probably can go on all night long... But I should stop here cuz I've got a plane to catch tomorrow morning...

To answer your question, no, I don't think AS community is going down... I've been around quite a while, and I don't think the number of threads in this forum is going down...

However, there always going to be threads that will go unanswered... We do what we can, but we cannot help everybody... People should know how to help themselves cuz there is a good chance that the problem that they are having probably is not real unique... People might have gotten into that problem, and you probably will be able to find that if you search for it...
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This thread was created to see who would reply and what they would say. 92 views and 1 reply from you. Ultrashock is the same. People hardly reply there. I find it difficult to take your words seriously that AS is not dying.

When I started AS 1, this community was lively and erupting from discussions. Now, I really fail to see an AS community as before. I think you can agree with me that AS is used by developers but it is dying as new more simple technology is competing for market share.
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Well during the AS1/AS2 period you have to remember the economy was a whole lot better, so people had more time to hang out on forums, now the global economy still sucks as a whole and people are making sure they keep there jobs more than anything.

You also have to take into account that people are excited when something is new (back when all these communities started), now the communities are mature and when you see the same questions being asked that you know are answered 5000+ times already on the forum, it gets old repeating things when people can do a little searching on most things themselves (Most new threads being started and un-answered can fall in this category).

As far as competitive technologies, that's somewhat true. You can do quite a bit in AJAX now that you would see done before only in Flash (its that whole Web 2.0 crazy train everyone is riding). There are also other direct alternatives now, Silverlight etc..

But again I think it has to do mostly with the economy and many people being about their business and keeping their jobs as a number 1 priority, not surfing the web endlessly and helping people with questions that they can already find answers to themselves with some effort.

Flash is not dead or dying, its successfully evolving.
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ActionScript/Flash is far from dying. I know that there are a lot of new people to these boards and new people to ActionScript, including myself. I have been studying ActionScript for about 8 months now and on these forums for I believe 6 months and I can tell you that ActionScript.org is by far the best forum for Flash/ActionScript on the net.

With that said, many of the new members have no idea how to respond to some of the posts on here because they do not possess the knowledge to do so yet. I remember when I first came here, I had absolutely no idea what people were talking about. I did not know what GTween was and I sure as hell did not know about getters and setters or how to convert degrees to radians. Everything looked like a foreign language to me.

So for now you will probably see more views on posts, than actual posts. In addition, you have to take into consideration that there are many, what I like to call, "Creepers"; people who are not a member of the ActionScript boards but creeps around the boards for information, only adding to the view count.

As for UltraShock, I know what you mean. It is somewhat dead, or so it seems. I really do not know what is up with that site. I think it is more or less used as a platform for flash developers to post up their projects and sell them to the general public. Don’t quote me on that though.

Lastly, it has been said before but I will say it again. People have lives, and visit these boards as much as they can, when they can. As for me, I am a new father; I have an 8 month old son now. So basically my days consist of, studying ActionScript/Web Design & Development, Going to work, Taking care of my son, Spending time with my girlfriend...the list goes on and on...

So have patience bro; people will respond to you.
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Originally Posted by asf8 View Post
As far as competitive technologies, that's somewhat true. You can do quite a bit in AJAX now that you would see done before only in Flash[...]
I don't want to get nit-picky, but you are probably referring to JavaScript when you say AJAX. AJAX has to do with asynchronous communication with a server without refreshing the client side. But, most of the time what you see animating on a site (that's not Flash) is just plain old JavaScript.

Anyways, back to the original topic here. The forum here is not dieing. There are still too many people out there begging for help and too many chumps (like me) willing to help them.
There is a lot of talk about Flash being on it's way out because of new competition like HTML 5, SilverLight, and great JavaScript tools like JQuery. Well I admit that the competition is there, but I believe Flash is here to stay. The smart developer will adapt and learn new things to try and keep flexible, but there are enough stiff necks out there to keep old things around (like AS2).
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I just went to a coding forum over the weekend, and there was a very optimistic attitude on the minds of the guys I talked to there about the future of Flash/AS. (And these were not really AS guys; I'd say mostly iPhone & Java devs)

I flat out asked anyone I could get an answer from whether they would encourage people to push forward with As, or if we wouldn't be better off focusing our effort somewhere like a .Net language. I got the same answer from several guys... If a dev house wants to produce an app/game and roll it out across multiple platforms, Flash/Flex is still going to be an extremely viable solution going forward.

With most phone companies on board or at least discussing Flash options (cept for iPhone of course), and the emerging methods of "converting" Flash files to the different native apps, it is going to be very possible for devs to create a single app and recompile it to the needed binaries for each mobile device.

If the Cs5 tools end up being what they are claiming, I think you're going to see a groundswell of Flash dev/ports to mobile in the next couple of years... That alone will inject a lot of life back into the community IMO.

As far as our own little slice of it here goes... I don't know when you were here that the boards were empty, cuz I've never seen anything even remotely like that. Yeah, you'll get unaswered threads from time to time, but it's always been that way. (For the reasons stated above). When there are no posts to answer, that's when you can get worried...
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Please understand me when I say this. I did not say flash was dying. I have been using flash for 5 years and counting. I only use it for animation and basic interactivity.

I said actionscript. Actionscript is dying. That is a known fact. It has been abandoned for web and used more for developing external applications.

Let's take a look at where it all began to go wrong. Very wrong.

Flash introduces basic actionscript on version 4. People love it. A new technology is born. New language. Potential is around the corner.

Flash introduces actionscript on flash 5. Communities exploded with members. Films, games websites, animations and portfolios spring like leaves on the flash tree.

Flash introduces actionscript 2. Even better performance on flash player and much more neater then actionscirpt 1. People love it even more.

Flash destroys actionscript 1 & 2 with actionscript 3. People abandon the codes complex language and syntax. Makes no sense to go from web to oop in one giant leap.

That is just a basic analogy. Adobe are doing a lot of wrong and have angered people.
They have created a language used and understood heavily by 5 % of the community. Collin Moock, Guy Watson and a few agencies who target large corporations. This tactic to compete with Java and phone applications has exiled many web designers and programmers into other languages like AJAX, javascript, silverlight and css.

HTML, javascript, css have not changed but only updated and remained solid in understanding, not complicated. It would have been better to create a separate programme and integrate the timeline and properties tabs and tools from flash into that separate programme. They should have just made actionscript 3 it's own programme instead of killing of their customers and technology. My experience has taught me that you never make dramatic changes. People have just begun to settle into acionscript, why change it. They are out of touch with people.

I would like to hear your views.
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Originally Posted by TheVisionary View Post
...I did not say flash was dying. ...I said actionscript. Actionscript is dying. That is a known fact. It has been abandoned for web and used more for developing external applications.
Heh, I must have missed the memo...

You have a certain point of view (imo) that I think can be summed up by one distinction. Flash "Designer" vs Flash/Flex developer.

As is not "dying", not by any stretch of the imagination. It is quite the opposite actually... As time goes on, less and less sites are being rolled out in Flash, and less and less sites are using Flash for eye candy/animation. So, visually based Flash is definitely becoming a bit less relevant. (Outside of FLV of course)

On the other hand, Actionscript is thriving. Take a look at one page of Monster ads and you'll come to a conclusion pretty quickly... The days of graphic designers/web devs owning Flash are pretty much over. Flex/As3 has become quite the viable development environment, and with the push to mobile, is only going to get bigger.

I gotta say too, I think your analysis of As2 to 3 is pretty borked as well...
Under your rationale, they should have just left Actionscript as a spaghetti inducing mess with no defined standards, just so "designers" could be less afraid of it. As3 is infinately superior to As2, and I am employed full-time as an As2 developer... (It's truth, not bias)

Yes, I wholeheartedly agree that "your" day (as a designer) with Flash is long passed. Developers on the other hand are just getting started. I've been where you are my man, stop resisting the change and learn the language. You'll be absolutely amazed at how much better your stuff will be.

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I would disagree strongly. To say adobe is out of touch with people, and should not have changed only speaks to the lack of evolution. Technology is ever evolving. You either evolve with it, or die off.

For those that say AS3 is just too hard, and that adobe should have just stuck with AS2 and left it alone..well..those people arent true developers. Being a developer is about learning and evolving, constantly..not staying put. Please done take this as an insult, its not meant to be.

As far as HTML/CSS and javascript....they have remained the same because they arent meant to do more than what they already do. Actionscript is a development platform. HTML/CSS is stricly for formating. Its not a language.

Actionscript it very much alive. As for the forums themselves...with the boom of personal blogs and website, people google questions before they'll register at a forum.

Just my 2 cents..
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