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Default General Query: User Input


i've been reading Learning Actionscript 3.0 book for some time now and have read about 6 chapters give or take, and up and until now i've not seen examplse of a user inputing a value like a number which is then added to another number and outputed, not yet anyway.

Are there any special variables that i can use for user inputs that i can run using FlashDevelop beacuse i know that you can do this in Java, but i've not seen any example in my book that does this nature, yet. Or would this require me to develop some type of form?

Could somebody kindly show me a simple example of this please.

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If by 'user inputs' you mean text, you'd place text fields in your fla, set them as Input Text in their dropdown box (as opposed to Static or Dyamic Texts), give them instance names.

Users can input text into these boxes, which you can then parse in functions. Whether you want the application to parse this data on every keystroke, or on a mouseclick is up to you, and requires you to learn more about MouseEvent and KeyboardEvent objects, and how to listen for them.
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For example:
ActionScript Code:
var t:TextField = new TextField(); t.x = t.y =30; t.width = 90; t.height = 20; t.border=true; t.type = TextFieldType.INPUT; t.restrict='0-9'; addChild(t); t.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE,tt,false,0,true); function tt(e:Event):void {     if(t.text.length>5)     {         trace(t.text);         t.text='';     } }

for more info:

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