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Red face Adding textbox values together

Hello all, I am kind of a newcomer to Flash so this might seem like a silly problem.

There are 5 "price" textboxes on a particular frame. On a separate frame someone chooses an item and it populates those textboxes. What I want to do is be able to add together all of the "price" textboxes to populate the "total" textbox. I have tried parsing each textbox as an integer and then making a function to find the total and populate the "total" textbox but this just isn't working. It still has the value of 0 when I export. If I try parsing as a number it gives me a NaN value.

Any Suggestions?
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it would be better if you upload source file
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If the prices are decimals, I don't think you can convert them to integers, which are whole numbers, eg 1, 12, 36, etc. To convert decimal strings, I think you need to convert them to Numbers.
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Have you tried casting the values?

ActionScript Code:
var totalValue:Number; totalValue= Number(myTextBox1.text) totalValue+= Number(myTextBox2.text) totalValue+= Number(myTextBox3.text) etc, etc
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or you could extent the textbox class and add a proprty like numText that returns te text cast as a number
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You need to use parseInt or parseFloat, and you need to make sure that it is the plaintext that you are working with and not the htmlized version.
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