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Default Flash starts on frame 2

I'm about to pull my hair out because I can't for the life of me figure this out.
I have a slideshow that goes through images in random but nonrepeating order. There's a bit of code on frame 1 that redirects the slideshow to a random image, except for some reason Flash either skips frame 1 or some code in frame 1 is buggy so I keep seeing frame 2 everytime I start the slideshow, which isn't random at all.
I tried using a gotoAndPlay() to a random frame which is not 2 but it still goes to 2 no matter what frame I specify.
I also tried removing all the actionscript and just having the images - and the odd thing is that it flickers at frame 1 very briefly before moving to frame 2. And it's only noticeable when I set the speed to like, 2fps. Is it supposed to do this ... ?
Thanks for your help.
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I've heard of some issues with running a slide show starting on the same frame as the code.
This may not be the case.
I'm a newbie to flash scripting myself.
Just an idea, how about having everything load up from an XML file?

It's an easy way to add and subtract pictures.
Take a look at thishttp://www.webzo.org/tutorials/flash...-slideshow.php
Good luck hope you can get it going.
Thought I'd try to help out, seems if your not a regular around here you just get ignored.
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