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Question KeyboardEvent - Kind of new?

Alright I'm new to Keyboard event listeners so I might be making a really obvious mistake that I don't know about. But what I want to do is, when someone types the letters for the word 'BROTHER', then it appears on the screen and it moves to the next frame.
Here's the code I have atm

I currently have the letters for 'BROTHER' each as a movie clip. The instance names are, RKey, OKey, etc.

ActionScript Code:
BKey.visible=false; RKey.visible=false; OKey.visible=false; TKey.visible=false; HKey.visible=false; EKey.visible=false; R2Key.visible=false; import flash.events.KeyboardEvent; //keycodes var b:uint = B; var r:uint = R; var o:uint = O; var t:uint = T; var h:uint = H; var E:uint = E; stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN,keyDownListener); function keyDownListener(e:KeyboardEvent) { if (e.keyCode == b){ BKey.visible=true;} if (e.keyCode == r){ RKey.visible=true; R2Key.visible=true;} if (e.keyCode == o){ OKey.visible=true;} if (e.keyCode == t){ TKey.visible=true;} if (e.keyCode == h){ HKey.visible=true;} if (e.keyCode == E){ EKey.visible=true;} if (BKey._visible && R2Key._visible && RKey._visible && OKey._visible && TKey._visible && HKey._visible && EKey._visible) { gotoAndStop(26); } }

Here's the problem I'm getting though.
1120: Access of undefined property B.
var b:uint = B;

1120: Access of undefined property R.
var r:uint = R;

1120: Access of undefined property O.
var o:uint = O;
etc. (goes on to other letters as well)

Now, is this the only mistake in my thing? Or are there more mistakes? How do I fix it?


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var b:uint = B;

uint stands for unsigned integer. B is not an integer, thats why you're having problems.

Google for the ASCII values of letters and you'll find that
A = 65
B = 66
C = 67

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Use the ASCII values, and also consider using a switch statement instead of all those If structures.

Way cleaner.
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He does not need the ASCII values. He needs the virtual keyboard key codes. Most are defined in the Keyboard class, but only the AIR player can read them directly (how stupid). Just read them yourself and use them directly in your script.
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Thanks! The ASCII codes worked great!
How do switch statements work though?
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