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Default MP3s in a Presentation

Ok heres the thingh...

Im doing a presentation in and I want to have mp3s I mean, like thos pages were u can select the song u want to hear, But I want for the user to select fron like 5 diferent songs (that is full mp3) that I will put in this presentation....(It will be like a menu were the user can choose the song the wants...)

How can I do that ??
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Well, make buttons for each of the 5 songs and either use the attachSound() method to dynamically start the music or make mcs for each of the mp3s and tell the needed mc to play. I've never worked with attachSound() myself, but I'm pretty sure it's not much different from attachMovie(). I think I saw someone give some nice examples on the attachSound() method. I suggest you try out the search engine first. The (F1) help has the right syntax.
Link ?
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yep, you can use attachSound()
I think it should look something like this (myMp3 is the linkage name)

button1.onRelease = function(){
mySound1 = new Sound();
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I thought that you gotta include 'this' to get it working properly... Correct me if I am wrong...

So, friz2002's code should be looking like...
ActionScript Code:
button1.onRelease = function() {    mySound1 = new Sound([i]this[/i]);    mySound1.attachSound("myMp3");    mySound1.start(); }
Oh... Please format the code with [ as ] or [ code ] tag... For more information, look this page...
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