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Default streaming issue in Flash MX player (versions prior to 6,0,29,0)

Hi All,
Following is the issue with MX player. Description is too large but worth to
read. It contains some links to prove the problem associated with MX player.

When loading media into Macromedia Flash Player 6, the media
continues to load even if Macromedia Flash Player 6 makes additional
requests for media (i.e. .swf, .jpg or .mp3 files), or if the user leaves
the web page.
This issue affects loading various media types, including:
· Sounds
· Video
· Images
· Other Flash movies

As per the below link Macromedia did release an upgraded player which was
supposed to resolve the issue.


However, we find this bug still persistent in some case even after upgrading
the Flash Player to version 6,0,65,0. In our case, we have a page with a
link that opens a new pop-up browser window containing a heavy swf file
embedded into it (around 2-3 MB). We have many such pages and links through
out our project.

On repetitive opening and closing the pop-up browser window (containing the
streaming swf files) the bandwidth gets clogged and as a result the
application running in the parent and the pop-up window hangs. The swf's
seems to stream even after closing the browser resulting in multiple streams
and bandwidth hog.

You can see a test sample reproducing the bug at the following link:
(Tested on: IE6, Win2K, Flash Player MX plug-in version:
Description: Macromedia Flash Player 6.0 r65)


We have found a workaround for this which seems to work well. Instead of
loading the swf directly in the pop-up window, we have loaded one dummy swf
in the pop-up. Then load the original swf in a movieclip in the dummy swf
using loadmovie command. On clicking the close button of the pop-up while
the movie is streaming, we have loaded another swf (blank swf - 1 Kb size)
in the movieclip to stop the previous download. This seems to stop the
streaming of the on going heavy swf movie.

Sample link is shown below with the workaround implemented:
(Tested on: IE6, Win2K, Flash Player MX plug-in version:
Description: Macromedia Flash Player 6.0 r65)
(Use the close button in the flash to close the pop-up window)


However, the problem arises if the user chooses to close the pop-up window
by clicking on the close button present on the taskbar of the window or by
clicking Alt+F4. This action does not guarantee stopping the streaming of
the swf resulting in the application crashing after multiple requests (as
low as 2 to 4 times).
To see an example click on the below link:
(Use the close button of the taskbar or Alt+F4 to close the pop-up window)


We would like to know if there is any direct solution to the streaming
problem. i.e the streaming should stop if the user closes the browser window
directly through the taskbar close button or Alt+F4?

We are eagerly awaiting your feedback on this issue.
Thanks in advance.

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