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It worked fine for me except when the playhead loops back to frame one, you can see the background shift (quickly) to its starting position. How do I make it so you can't see the loop effects on the bakcground?
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I don't know exactly what background effect you've got going on, but I can help you tween from the last frame back to the first:

Copy the first frame of background...create a new keyframe in a frame after the movie's end, create a new layer in that new keyframe and paste into it and lock the layer...

you can then toggle the visibility of that layer and line up the last frame's background position with the first frame's background position...

then unlock and delete the frame that you pasted into...

finally create motion tween between your (previous) last frame's background to the (new) last frame's background, thereby returning the BG's location to it's original!

(You may then want to create a keyframe on the penultimate scene and delete the final, so that your first and last looped frames don't repeat)

This obviously won't work if you are trying to connect a 360 degree panorama or with any other effect requiring tweening in only one direction, since you're simply going from point B back to point A.
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Wink Try this...

Ive had this same problem with animations. I just make sure that the 1st and last frames are not the same (or else it will appear to studder.) Try to make the second last frame the last frame in your timeline. That should make it appear smooth.

Hope this helps.
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Thumbs up A little choppy?

I too have had that problem. However, I found that making the last frame the "second to last frame" will work to get rid of a pause, and it's a great idea, but I've noticed that it tends to make the images "jump" a little, which, sometimes, can look worse than the images pausing.

If you make the last frame the same as the first frame and offset the image(s) in the last frame a few pixels, this should eliminate the choppiness and the pause.

Keep up the good work.

//: tranterra :\\
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