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Default reduce file size vector

How do I make a vector image smaller in file size than a jpg image? This sounds perhaps strange since vector in general is expected to be smaller in file size then pixel.

But take this image for example:

I can get this to about 8 kb if I were to use 'save for web' in photoshop (jpg / low compression). But then I thought I perhaps could get it even smaller by vectorizing it. But that resulted in an image of about 145 kb.

Is vector not always better than pixel when it comes to file size?
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Absolutely not. Vector are better for simple graphics while bitmaps are better for complex graphics. Basically with a given graphic size bitmaps will pretty much always end up with the same file size no matter the complexity of the graphic (more or less). For the same graphic the file size generated by vector drawing will depend on the number of object that needs to be created to represent the graphic. So for a very simple graphic vector wins the file size contest while for complex graphics bitmap wins!
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To continue on this topic: when it comes to vector graphics are there any methods to decrease the swf's file size as much as possible?

So far I have:
- imported an illustrator ai file (strokes 'expanded' in illustrator and unneeded swatches/brushes deleted)
- exported in illustrator as swf and imported that swf in flash
- imported ai file and breaking it down to flash shapes
- optimized shapes as much as possible

Any other ideas I might try? I rather use vector as much as possible.
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