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Default The way to make a flex project like this

Hi everyone I have a .swf, when i have no idea how to make the same .swf. The only clues i know is that it is from a flex project
I do not wan't to steal the result of somebody else, I just want to translate it into english, because all the langguage in this file is chinese!
If you guys have times can you teach me how to do one like it?
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Do you have a specific question you needed help with, or did you need to start here first?
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I am asking you two things:
1. If we can decompile it then rebuild the same file( same function, same script but different language), can you tell me how to decompile this .swf file then rebuild another .swf file
2. If we can not decompile it then rebuild the same file( same function, same script but it content is in english not chinese anymore), can you guy tell me the way to make the similar file(with actionscript we already have)
I rarely work with flash, this is ther first time ever i work with flash. I have read and googled many sites about flash but i still do not how to edit this one or how to make one file similar to this
believe me this file is special, i used trillix and sothink swf decompiler(trial verson because i dont work with flash often). When trillix decompiled, trillix can only decompile it into a flex project, then i used adobe flex builder to edit the language and after that when i rebuilt it, adobe flex could not rebuild a .swf file but a .as file.
When i use sothink swf decompiler, it can only decompile into a fla file, I again download adobe flash cs4 (trial), but when i publish it doesn't work
can anyone tell me answer for my 2 question? If you can decompile it and then rebuild it, i suggest you guide us, so that i and other member can learn.
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Peter Cowling
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It is not likely you'll get someone to provide the help you are asking for here. Firstly, how can anyone verify that you are not looking to steal someone else's work? Secondly, decompilling in this way is not as straightforward as you seem to envisage. Thirdly, because you are not familiar with what it takes to decompile, and then get something working, and not familiar with flash, you are basically asking someone to do the whole lot for you. That's in the realms of a contracting job, not a forum post. Alternatively, take your time and learn flash/flex; ask lots of questions here along the way, as people do help with specific requests.
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this is from an open source, the author share it here http://code.google.com/p/qfarm/
but he do not allow show his email adress, so i can contact hime to have the flex source
The only thing I ask you to do is to download the attached file, and decompile it then rebuild it
you will see that i doesn't not work
this is the only time in my life ever to have a work like this, usually i ask people not to use flash because flash is heavy and the browser need plugins, but this one is special, it is for my very best friend, he ask for flash, and i have promise
I can not learn all begin about flex, because i have already read about it, do it and got no idea to solve
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