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Will my MCs scale the same way my Main Movie does?

1)My main movie is set to scale regardless of desktop resolution (I love this feature). Will my MCs scale the same?

2)How do I set my MC to be positioned at a specific location on Level 1, so that again when the "MainMovie" is scaled, the MC retains it's position and proportion to the mainmovie? The Main Movie occupies level 0, and MC will be on level 1.

I understand there will be degredation in bitmaps if enlarged, but my main concern here is that my MCs retain Text Quality and position regardless of desktop resolution.

Here's what I want to do...

Main Movie scales to resolution of desktop. Part of it will always remain visible, like frames in html. On a button click, a MC will launch and overlay a portion of the main stage, not a percentage but a specific portion at a specific position, again scalling with the main movie. So if the MainMovie is on a Desktop resolution of 640x480 or up to 1024x768 everything will retain the proper scale.

If I've overstated the obvious here, it's just because i'm looking to push the envelope. Scale is everything. Flash can lead where others failed.

It's not the Size. It's the quality of your tool.

I tried researching
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The MC's will scale in relation to the main timeline as they are all part of the same SWF file.

Good luck.
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