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Question duplicating an object and its code

Hi everyone, i was making a space shooting game, where you control
a horizontally moving ship and fire with the space bar. I want to get asteroids to come from the top of the screen and go down, and if they go past the bottom of the screen, you lose a life.

so far, I have one asteroid that does precisely what i want it to do, the code for the asteroid is as follows (entered in the main timeline) :

ActionScript Code:
for (var i = 0; i<bulletCount; i++) {         var b = bulletArray[i];         if (b._y>0) {             b._y -= bulletSpeed;         } else {             removeMovieClip(b);             bulletArray.splice(i, 1);         }         if (!hit) {             if (b.hitTest(ob)) {                 hit = true;                 ob.play();                 b.play();                 _root.score +=500;                 b._y -= bulletSpeed;                 bulletArray.splice(i, 1);                 removeMovieClip(b);             }         }     } } var nrEnemies = 3; for (i = 1; i < nrEnemies; i++) {     _root.ob.duplicateMovieClip("asteroid" + i, _root.getNextHighestDepth()); } var hit = false; var obSpeed = 5; var earthSpeed = 1; function createObject(o) {     ob = this.attachMovie(o, o, 100);     ob._x = random(460) + 20; } function resetObject() {     ob._x = random(460)+20;     ob._y = -40;     ob.gotoAndStop(1);     ob.restart = false;     hit = false     } function loseLife() {     earthMc._y = 360;     } function lostlife() {     earthMc._y += earthSpeed; } function moveObject() {     if (ob._y<400) {         ob._y += obSpeed;         _root.score +=1         lostlife();     } else {         ob.play();         resetObject();         _root.lives -=1;         loseLife();             }     if (ob.restart) {         resetObject();         }     } createObject("asteroid", "asteroid", (0));

my problem is that i only have one asteroid and the game is far too easy.
Is there a way to change the code or make a new one so that there will be more than one asteroid on the screen with the same properties?

any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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