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Default Dynamic CSSStyleDeclaration

Hello everyone

I need to create a new CssStyleDeclaration for a button with only
icons specified; something like this

	upIcon:			Embed(source="resources/images/icons/icon_up.png");
	overIcon:		Embed(source="resources/images/icons/icon_over.png");
	downIcon:		Embed(source="resources/images/icons/icon_down.png");
	selectedUpIcon:		Embed(source="resources/images/icons/icon_sel_up.png");
	selectedOverIcon:	Embed(source="resources/images/icons/icon_sel_over.png");
	selectedDownIcon:	Embed(source="resources/images/icons/icon_sel_down.png");
but instead of using Embed resources I need to load one (focus on only one , repeated for all) image path

is there any way to do that ?

I've already done this

public static function createNewIconStyle(path:String, styleName:String):void
	var loader:Loader = new Loader();
	loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, _innerLoadComplete);
	loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, _innerError);
	loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR, _innerError);
	loader.load(new URLRequest(path));
	function _innerLoadComplete(e:Event):void
		var ba:BitmapAsset = new BitmapAsset(Bitmap(e.target.content).bitmapData.clone(),"auto",true);
		var bmpIcon:Class = getDefinitionByName(getQualifiedClassName(ba)) as Class;
		var style:CSSStyleDeclaration = new CSSStyleDeclaration("."+styleName);
		style.setStyle('upIcon', bmpIcon);
		style.setStyle('overIcon', bmpIcon);
		style.setStyle('downIcon', bmpIcon);
		style.setStyle('selectedUpIcon', bmpIcon);
		style.setStyle('selectedOverIcon', bmpIcon);
		style.setStyle('selectedDownIcon', bmpIcon);
		StyleManager.setStyleDeclaration("."+styleName, style, true);
	function _innerError(e:Event):void
		trace("NOT LOADED");

but ofcourse I get nothing and I know why ( I knew it was a long shot )

thanks for any help
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Styles are meant to be static. You can dynamically load a compiled style asset, which contains all the embedded images. Otherwise you will need to implement a proxy pattern to load skin assets at run time.
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