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Exclamation [AS3] UIScrollBar to Dynamic Textfield


I'm trying to add a UIScrollbar to dynamically created textfields but i'm getting weird 'flashing' results.

I'm creating my textfields in a class like so:

ActionScript Code:
public class NewsPost extends Sprite     {         public var newsBody:TextField;         public function NewsPost(body:String)         {             newsBody = new TextField();             newsBody.embedFonts = true;             newsBody.multiline = true;             newsBody.wordWrap = true;             newsBody.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;             newsBody.antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED;             newsBody.styleSheet = IStyleSheet(Gaia.api.getPage("index").assets.stylesheet).style;             newsBody.htmlText = body;             addChild(newsBody);             // Positions & Sizing             newsBody.x = 90;             newsBody.y = newsTitle.height + 10;             newsBody.width = 350;         }     }

Then the following loads news from xml into the body textfields, then sorts them into columns.. allowing me to scroll horizontally.

ActionScript Code:
var posts:Array = [];             var lastY:Number = 0;             var columnHeight:Number = 440;             var column:DisplayObjectContainer = new Sprite();             sectionpage.containerMC.newsMC.addChild(column);             sectionpage.columns = [];             sectionpage.columns.push(column);                         for (var i:int = 0; i<myXML.news.length(); i++)             {                 var body:String = myXML.news.newsBody[i];                                                                 var newsPost:NewsPost = new NewsPost(body);                                 posts.push(newsPost);                 if (lastY + newsPost.height > columnHeight)                 {                     var nextX:Number = column.x + column.width;                     column = new MovieClip();                     column.x = 600;                     sectionpage.columns.push(column);                     sectionpage.containerMC.newsMC.addChild(column);                     column.y = 0;                     lastY = 0;                 }                                 column.addChild(newsPost);                 newsPost.y = lastY;                 lastY +=  newsPost.height + 40;             }

Now if there is too much text, i need a scrollbar to showup...

Can anyone advise where i need to insert the code?

I have this :

ActionScript Code:
var scrollBar:UIScrollBar = new UIScrollBar();                                 scrollBar.scrollTarget = newsBody;                                 scrollBar.height = newsBody.height;                                 scrollBar.move(newsBody.x + newsBody.width, newsBody.y);                                 addChild(scrollBar);                                 function updateScrollBar():void{                     scrollBar.update();                     if (scrollBar.enabled == false) {                         scrollBar.alpha = 0;                     } else {                             scrollBar.alpha = 100;                         }                 }

I've tried inserting it into the NewsPost class but this gives me a weird flashy bug.

Can anyone advise?

many thanks.
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