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Default [AS3] Help destroying everything at end of level?

So... I'm working on a game, where the essential gameplay element is that you walk through a maze with a flashlight, and when you reach the end, the game goes to a "story frame" basically just text, and a button to play the next level.

The only problem is... i can't seem to destroy everything at the end of the frame, and then i get all sorts of errors and it wont run, I am trying to do all the code in the .fla so i can set up the game on screen instead of with coordinates and addChild, etc in the code.

can anyone help/have any suggestions

ActionScript Code:
stop(); var player_speed:int=2; var up,down,left,right:Boolean=false; var radius:int=8; addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,on_enter_frame); stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, on_key_down); stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_UP, on_key_up); function on_enter_frame(e:Event):void {     if (up) {         player_mc.y-=player_speed;     }     if (down) {         player_mc.y+=player_speed;     }     if (left) {         player_mc.x-=player_speed;     }     if (right) {         player_mc.x+=player_speed;     }     if (player_mc.hitTestObject(next_mc)) {         gotoAndStop(2);         removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,on_enter_frame);         stage.removeEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, on_key_down);         stage.removeEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_UP, on_key_up);         /*removeChild(player_mc);         removeChild(next_mc);         removeChild(environment_mc);         removeChild(light_mc);*/     }     while (environment_mc.hitTestPoint(player_mc.x, player_mc.y+radius, true)) {         player_mc.y--;     }     while (environment_mc.hitTestPoint(player_mc.x, player_mc.y-radius, true)) {         player_mc.y++;     }     while (environment_mc.hitTestPoint(player_mc.x-radius, player_mc.y, true)) {         player_mc.x++;     }     while (environment_mc.hitTestPoint(player_mc.x+radius, player_mc.y, true)) {         player_mc.x--;     }     var dist_x:Number=player_mc.x-mouseX;     var dist_y:Number=player_mc.y-mouseY;     var angle:Number=- Math.atan2(dist_x,dist_y);     player_mc.rotation=to_degrees(angle);     light_mc.x=player_mc.x;     light_mc.y=player_mc.y;     light_mc.rotation=to_degrees(angle); } function on_key_down(e:KeyboardEvent):void {     switch (e.keyCode) {         case 37 :             left=true;             break;         case 38 :             up=true;             break;         case 39 :             right=true;             break;         case 40 :             down=true;             break;     } } function on_key_up(e:KeyboardEvent):void {     switch (e.keyCode) {         case 37 :             left=false;             break;         case 38 :             up=false;             break;         case 39 :             right=false;             break;         case 40 :             down=false;             break;     } } function to_radians(n:Number):Number {     return (n*0.0174532925); } function to_degrees(n:Number):Number {     return (n*57.2957795); }
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move the is code:
ActionScript Code:
if (player_mc.hitTestObject(next_mc)) {         gotoAndStop(2);         removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,on_enter_frame);         stage.removeEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, on_key_down);         stage.removeEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_UP, on_key_up);         removeChild(player_mc);         removeChild(next_mc);         removeChild(environment_mc);         removeChild(light_mc);     }

to the end of the on_enter_frame function and put the gotoAndPlay(2) at the end of the if statement and see if that helps.
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