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Default [AS3] Calculating angle for shooting bullets

Hi all,

This is what im trying to do:

I have a character in middle of the screen that I can move around. The idea is that I can aim with the mouse, so wherever the mouse is pointing the character will shot a bullet in that direction until its out of the screen.

I've done the maths before where I had the rotation and I could calculate how to move an object depending on the actual rotation value. But how would I do this if I only have the Cords of my character and the mouseX and mouseY cords of where I just clicked?

Any idea?


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Something like this:

ActionScript Code:
dx = object.x - mouseX; dy = object.y - mouseY; Radians = Math.atan2(dy, dx);
Then you can have the projectile move with something like:
ActionScript Code:
Projectile.x += Math.cos(Radians) * 5; Projectile.y += Math.sin(Radians) * 5;

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trig yo...

The specific function you want is ArcTangent, and there is a nice arctan that solves the repeating aspect of it (because top and bottom can resolve the same)

Math.atan2(j, i)

where j and i are the members of the vector <i,j> pointing from the player to the mouse.

j = mouseY - player.y
i = mouseX - player.x
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Thats what I needed... thanks! I think I'm gonna have go through a few trigonometry tutorials ...
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ActionScript Code:
var speed:Number = 10; var bull:MovieClip;//represents bullet dynamically adding from library; var bulletAngle; addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, moving); function moving(e:Event):void {         mc.rotation = Math.atan2( mc.y -  mouseY,  mc.x - mouseX) / Math.PI * 180 -90;         //mc represents something that should fire the bullet (cannon, soldier etc.)         //and in my case it is a movieClip placed manually on stage } stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, shot); function shot(e:MouseEvent):void {          bull = new Bullet();    //new instance of Bullet                addChild(bull);         bull.x = mc.x         bull.y = mc.y;         bull.rotation = (mc.rotation -90)* Math.PI/180;         bulletAngle = bull.rotation ;         bull.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, movingBull); } function movingBull(e:Event):void {     e.target.x += Math.cos(bulletAngle)*speed;     e.target.y += Math.sin(bulletAngle)*speed; }
that's what I use
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