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Default [AS2] Help with attacking sequence.

Hey guys, I'm making a top view shooter kind of thing, so all you pretty much see are circles, but you can see the main circle's hands, to punch things.
So I made an attacking animation, the left hand punching, then the right hand punching.
I already have it set up so that when you click, the left hand punches, but I want to set it up like, once he punches, a timer will go off, and during that timer, if you click again, he would punch with the right hand, and then you'd have to wait till the hands are at their starting positions to punch again, except I can't think of anything that would help me out here.

I've tried this so far, but no luck
ActionScript Code:
if (punchLeft == false) {         onMouseDown = function () {             player_mc.gotoAndPlay(2);             punchLeft = true;         };     }     if (punchLeft == true) {         onMouseDown = function () {             player_mc.gotoAndPlay(11);             punchLeft = false;

Any other method would work too, I just don't it to do what it currently does, which is if I click 3 times, you will see the left punch repeat itself three times.
That's what I'm trying to avoid...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Two ways to incorporate a timer - use a setinterval, or onenterframe to update a countdown variable. The timer version is somewhat simpler, and uses an onenterframe function, which you should add into your existing onenterframe function if you already have one. It would look something like:

I've also combined your onMouseDown functions into one to make the code easier to follow:

ActionScript Code:
onenterframe = function (){     if (punchLeft == true){         if (countdown > 0){             countdown--         } else {       punchLeft = false }; onMouseDown = function () {     if (punchLeft == false) {          //first punch thrown starts counter                  player_mc.gotoAndPlay(2);                  punchLeft = true;           countdown = 1000;             } else if (punchLeft == true) {         //counter is still going; show right punch                 player_mc.gotoAndPlay(11); };

(note - this code is untested, and may have minor syntax problems)

- dialectric
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