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Default [AS2] Collision with the wrong object

I have my player named "Player" and a little square named "Feet" at its feet. They are both Movie Clips.
I have a simple box named "Crate" and a simple floor named "Ground".
Way back when I used to have it do collision with the Player itself, which worked fine. Then I swapped out the line that said "Player" in the collision check with "Feet", but it continues to use "Player".

ActionScript Code:
TouchingGround = false; // Used by my gravity code, if false, player will fall     for(i in _root)     {         if(typeof(_root[i])=="movieclip") // Yes they're all movie clips         {             if (_root[i].ofType == "GROUND") // Each object I want collision with has this variable applied to it             {                 if (_root[i]._name <> "Player") // Because the feet are always touching the player                 {                     if (_root.Feet, hitTest(_root[i]))  // If the feet are colliding with any one of these objects                     {                         TouchingGround = true; // Disable falling with my gravity function                     }                 }             }         }     }

I've quadruple checked names and made absolutely sure everything has the right variable. In fact I can place whatever I want where "_root.Feet" is (like "hfksalhfklsa") and the code compiles just fine and continues to use the player as colliding check. If I delete the TouchingGround = true; then I will fall forever, so it is actually accepting the code.
Does anyone have any idea what's going on? I can't see any reason it won't use my Feet movie clip. It only ever uses the Player movie clip for collision.
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I really hate it when I do this.
It happens every time. I post a question and then I figure it out a minute later, even though I'd been spending the past couple of hours trying to figure it out. Now my question is "why is it this way?"
I took that code that was on the Player movie clip and placed it on the Feet movie clip, and suddenly it worked. it's as if it didn't matter what I wrote as the first part, it just did collision with the object it's placed on. There I go again. I guess I figured it out just asking. Well if anyone has the same problem, there's your answer.
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throw a trace() in there
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if (_root.Feet, hitTest(_root[i]))
Is that supposed to be a comma, or a period. ?
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