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Default Problems w/ scenes

Um...I don't know if this question is posted already or not...


I created 2 different scenes (scene 1 and scene 2) and when I tried to test movie....it seemed like 2 scenes are playing at the same time. But, if I tried to test scene...only that scene is playing.

I'm just wondering will 2 scenes play at the same time for the final result...if that's the case, how do I make it so that scene 1 is playing first and then scene 2?

thanks...for your time.

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scene 1 is playing first and then scene 2
As far as I know, that should be almost always true... and I cannot think of any reason why both of them are running at the same time... Can you make a simple sample file and post it right here???
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just a thought ...

But did you mean that scene 1 runs into scene 2 when really you want it to stop at the end of scene 1? If so, a 'stop' command at the end of your score will do the job ..... otherwise - it sounds like you have a 'duff' file because I have never seen 2 'scenes' playing simultaniously. Bet some guys would like to see your coding if this is true, would be a useful trick to know

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OK...here goes...are you guys ready.

For scene1: I used;

onClipEvent(load) {
startYpos =130;
enterTime = 0;
elapsedTime = 0;
i = 0;
onClipEvent (data) {
newLetters = new Array();
newLetters = dataString.split("");

onClipEvent (enterFrame){
if (elapsedTime >100){
enterTime = getTimer();
if(i< this.newLetters.length){
_root["wow"+i].cool.text =

_root["wow"+i]._x = nextX;
_root["wow"+i]._y = startYpos;
nextX = _root

elapsedTime =0;
elapsedTime = getTimer() - enterTime;


For scene 2: I used the above code on the main timeline and changed the followings; "hi.txt", cool, "wow", "wow"+i

//I ran into lots of problems using these codes. If I used the above code for scene 1 and do a basic tween on the main timeline of the 2nd scene w/o the above code, when I test movie, scene 2 played only...it seemed like scene2 override scene 1.

And if I used the above code for both scenes, when i tested movie, both scenes played at the same time.


I'll catch you guys later...ThankYou!

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