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Default sound problem

I am having lots of problems with sounds in my movie.
My movie consists of several frames each loading a sound file
The whole movie also has music that I load on the first frame as following:
ActionScript Code:
//create variable to check if sound on for music, voice and sound in general                 playSound = true;     playVoice = true;     playMusic = true; ///// initialize variable for sound if ( playMusic = true) {     myMusic = new Sound();     myMusic.attachSound ("music");     myMusic.start(0,999); }  else if ( playMusic = false) {     myMusic.stop(); }

When each following frame loads, it plays a different sound file loaded as follow:

ActionScript Code:
if ( playVoice = true) {     myVoice = new Sound();      myVoice .loadSound("sound/voice1.mp3", true);     myVoice .start(0, 1);    }  else if ( playVoice = false) {     myVoice.stop(); }

I have a button to stop the music with

ActionScript Code:

and the play music button has:
ActionScript Code:

a button to stop voice:

ActionScript Code:

Since the music is a sound object off course if I click the music off button, it also stops the voice.
What I want is the following:
I want to be able to have music and let users decide if they want to play it, to stop it, restart it.
I also want them to decide if they want the voice or not.
How can I manage this? Can I have both music and voice and stop either one or both at will?
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Would be possibly much easier if you attached your .fla, rather than I (us) having to recreate it to check it out.
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i haven't thoroughly looked at your code but it struck me that you were using "if(playMusic = true)" or something similar... i don't think i've seen it written as this, and am not sure if flash accepts this syntax?

for an if statement you might get away with "if(playMusic == true)", but a much simpler way is "if(playMusic)" which has the same effect. (false is done by "if(!playMusic)").

not sure if this helps at all, just thought i'd point it out.
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