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Default adding scroll to vgroup

i want to add scroller control to this vgoup bt as in flex 3 theres no property for scroll...wat should i do...
package Components
{//class used to create vbox for the specific category
	import spark.components.BorderContainer;
	import spark.components.HScrollBar;
	import spark.components.Scroller;
	import spark.components.VGroup;
	import spark.components.VScrollBar;

	public class Item extends VGroup
		public function Item()
after this i call the object..
	var vbbi:Item= new Item;
but the scroll is not working..
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Barna Biro
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The scrollbars should appear as soon as the content within your Item exceeds the height specified by you. If you want a scrollbar to be always present, then you might want to consider creating a Scrollbar instance and targeting your VGroup with it ( I don't recall the VGroup having any built-in functionality that would help you toggle any scrollbars on it... but you might want to read up on the Adobe LiveDocs and/or Language Reference on Group / VGroup )
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that is wat i cant find..how to target it...
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Groups don't have built in scrollbars. Wrap it in a Scroller to make it work. Something like this:

    <ns:Item width="100%" height="100%"/>
Or, in your Item class, have a child Scroller and a child Group where the content should go.
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