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Exclamation [AS3] Preloading Object Data/Move Inheritance

I'm working on a small Flash game that currently uses two *fla files: one for the preloader and one for the content. (I'm considering using more as it gets more complex.)

The preloader not only loads the content movie, but it also loads data from a database. It uses AMFPHP as a gateway to access my database and sends the information back for objects to be populated.

Since it takes time to access a PHP script, query the database, and return the data, it causes a delay in the load time. This is fine. That's what the preloader is for.

The problem is that these objects are, as far as I can tell, unknown to the *swf files that I play inside the preloader movie (once all loading is complete.)

Now, I'm pretty new to AS3, but is it even possible for child movies to access variable information stored in a parent movie? I probably could do it all in one movie, but I don't want to if I can keep everything separate.
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The preloader should do nothing more than preload, that would solve your problem. Let the preloader load the main app, and since its the main app that needs the data anyway (i'm assuming) have it be the one to send out requests to the AMFPHP gateway.

Another option is to have the preloader dispatch custom events that children would listen for.
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It is just a matter of scope and value passing.

Remember, once a swf file is loaded, it is just another instance that you can work with. You can call methods and use properties just like normal.
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