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Default concepts for large application

Hi, I am very new to flash or flex...

We are thinking about use it in a very large application (now more than 3300 jsp).
An we want to port some part of it for use in tablets (primary focus on Android)

I have some querys:

- what are the diferences between flash and flesh?

- there are any "good practices manual" for large application in flash/flesh?
- can a swf be broken in several swf? How they comunicate with others parts? Is this the same for web application than for air application?
(I guess that if in a future will need an "air application" (applet IOs, or blckberry), I think its better not to use html code... Am I right?)

- does this tecnology permit the use of continuous integration?
Basicaly, get source code from central repository, compile it, package it, etc...
Does this process need flash builder, or only the free sdk?

- What is about memory leaks, performace isues, etc?

- Any other tips you consider important?

Thankyou very much

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1) Flash is the technology... Flex ( not "flesh" ) is just a framework.
2) There might be a few, but what are you in fact expecting from such a manual?
3) Yes they can... I won't get deep into how they communicate, but you should Google a bit and you'll see that all the answers are out there ( or in the official documentation ). The SDK is free and there are a few free IDEs out there as well that have some nice support for this technology ( like Flash Develop ), but obviously, you can just use Notepad if you feel more comfortable with that...
4) It permits continuous integration ( no special tools are required than the ones you'd normally use ).
5) You have a profiler in Flash Builder Premium that can help you find memory leaks more easily and observe other performance related aspects. If you write good code, you shouldn't worry that much about memory leaks and such...

Suggestion & Tip: Google more and read the official and free documentation... you could have answered all your questions in maximum 1 hour if you would have been really interested in finding answers. Be less lazy, more proficient...
Titus M. Plautus - Not by age but by capacity is wisdom acquired.

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