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Default What difference between Kirupa and Actionscript.com

I had a feeling that kirupa place to find chat mostly in advance AS topic. But lately it fill in with novice treads.

I don't have time everyday browse both forums and was wondering to find a place of more professional AS3 questions where tread active for a week at least.
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Yeah, I surely wouldn't say that...

Kirupa is a great alternative to here, and really, the only other AS-specific forum I even bother with outside of this one, but, that said...

This is all my personal opinion and based on my own experiences there, but I find Kirupa (.com, not Kirupa himself) to be much less friendly, as where AS.org has a pretty cheery disposition in general. The Mods here do a fantastic job of keeping this forum clean, on-topic, and family-friendly. I don't find that to be quite as true at Kirupa. People can get nasty there, and there seems to be a lot more off-topic conversations going on. Not that that's a bad thing, but it does dillute the forum from a strictly script perspective a little bit.

I also find it to be the complete opposite of what you said. I tend to see way more amateurs there, and a lot more old, uncommented code and obsolete practices. For example, say you posted a script here that was meant to go on a symbol. You will typically get someone trying to push you away from that practice and explain why here, as where on Kirupa, you'd probably just get an answer written in that context. Granted, some people might find that to be what they are after, but AS.org pushes people to be better, not just get the answer they are looking for and move on.

I personally don't think there is any comparison. Kirupa is a great, helpful site, but I don't frequent it half as often as as.org. Just my two cents.
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Well said. I agree, I stopped visiting Kirupa many moons ago. Too many unanswered questions, some attitude issues, things of that nature. While no forum will ever be perfect, I personally believe AS[org] has a great community. Its core members are very knowledgeable (not saying kirupa isnt), the some great personalities. Jesse and Strok have done an amazing job building this place up.
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I had a feeling that kirupa place to find chat mostly in advance AS topic.
I don't find that being true at all... the topics over there are by no means more advanced than the ones around here.

What I dislike at Kirupa.com ( beside the attitude of some people ) is that they don't have a Flex / AIR forum... I find that ridiculously dumb. Instead, they have some "Other programming languages" forums that I find totally pointless... also, 90% of the discussions over there start / end in the "Random" forum.

So, if you want to waste time chatting with random people - some of whom might not even have anything to do with Flash / Flex / AIR - about random stuff, then Kirupa seems a good choice... but if you actually want to discuss stuff related to the above mentioned technologies, then ActionScript.org is the place for you.

That's how I see it...
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Originally Posted by Barna Biro View Post
So, if you want to waste time chatting with random people - some of whom might not even have anything to do with Flash / Flex / AIR - about random stuff,.
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