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Question IE9 issue - flash not showing when page is revisited

I made a very simple video player. It's working very nice in all browsers. The issue is only with IE9. The video is playing only on the first visit of the page. For example you open the page, you watch the video, click the back button and decide to visit the same page ... and the video is not showing at all. If you refresh the page the video appears again. I asked some people to test it and they have the same issue. Is this an IE9 / FP 10.3 bug?

In essence this is my code:

ActionScript Code:
var myVideo:FLVPlayback = new FLVPlayback(); var myVideoSkin = "SkinOverPlayStopSeekFullVol.swf"; myVideo.addEventListener(VideoEvent.READY, onReadyHandler); myVideo.addEventListener(VideoProgressEvent.PROGRESS, onProgressHandler); myVideo.skinBackgroundColor = 0x808080; myVideo.skinBackgroundAlpha = 0.5; myVideo.width = 600; myVideo.height = 400; myVideo.autoPlay = false; myVideo.source = root.loaderInfo.parameters.videoSource; function onProgressHandler(event:*):void {     var percents:Number = myVideo.bytesLoaded / myVideo.bytesTotal * 100;     if (percents > 5)     {         myVideo.removeEventListener(VideoProgressEvent.PROGRESS, onProgressHandler);         myVideo.seek(myVideo.totalTime / 30);     } } function onReadyHandler(event:VideoEvent):void {     myVideo.removeEventListener(VideoEvent.READY, onReadyHandler);         this.addChild(myVideo)}

P.S. - apologies for my language
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have you tried checking the box for the loop feature in the properties panel? see if that will keep it available;

what else have you done to troubleshoot it?

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Actually i figured it out couple of days ago. Sorry for the late reply but I was working on a different project till now. So ... the solution is fairly simple - place the Flvplayback component on the stage and them use AS3 to apply the stuff on it.
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