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Default ExternalInterface breaks swf

I have a weird problem here in which my mxml compiles fine but when I load it in the webpage all it shows is a black box....

I have isolated the cause to be line 46 which is
ActionScript Code:

Can't seem to find anybody on Google who has the same issue....

Here is my entire script:

ActionScript Code:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <mx:Application xmlns:mx="[...]"     layout="absolute" usePreloader="false"     applicationComplete="init()"     backgroundColor="#000000"     backgroundAlpha="1">         <!-- Load styles -->         <mx:Script>             // Imports         import flash.external.ExternalInterface;         import mx.core.FlexGlobals;          // Important variables             private var nc:NetConnection; // net connection             private var stream:NetStream; // net stream             private var video:Video;      // video             private var meta:Object;      // meta data                         // This succker is loaded. Act like it.         private function init():void         {             // No scaling             stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;                         // Flash Vars             var params:Object = FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication.parameters;                         /* Not right now             if( params.stylesheet )             {                 FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication.styleManager                     .loadStyleDeclarations( params.stylesheet );             }*/                         // Position             playBox.width  = overlay.width  = stage.stageWidth;             playBox.height = overlay.height = stage.stageHeight;                                                         // External Callbacks             ExternalInterface.addCallback("toggle",playerToggle);                         // add event to overlay             overlay.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, overlayClick);                         // Start handling video stuff             var nsClient:Object = {};             nsClient.onMetaData = ns_onMetaData;             nsClient.onCuePoint = ns_onCuePoint;             nc = new NetConnection();             nc.connect(null);             stream = new NetStream(nc);             stream.play("video.flv");             stream.pause();             stream.seek(0);             stream.client = nsClient;                         // create the video object             video = new Video();             video.attachNetStream(stream);                         playBox.addChild(video);                         video.width = stage.stageWidth;             video.height = stage.stageHeight;                                 }                 // Meta and cue         private function ns_onMetaData(item:Object):void {             trace("meta");             meta = item;             // Resize Video object to same size as meta data.                         var w:Number, h:Number;             if( item.width > stage.stageWidth )                 {   w = stage.stageWidth; }             else                 {   w = item.width; }             if( item.height > stage.stageHeight )                 {   h = stage.stageHeight; }             else                 {   h = item.height; }                         video.width = w;             video.height = h;                         var diffW:Number = stage.stageWidth-w;             var diffH:Number = stage.stageHeight-h;                         video.x = diffW/2;             video.y = diffH/2;         }         private function ns_onCuePoint(item:Object):void {             trace("cue");         }                 // some other stuff                 // overlay clicked         private function overlayClick(event:Event):void         {             playerToggle();         }                         // in player commands, only accessible in house         public function playerToggle():void         {             stream.togglePause();         }                             </mx:Script>         <mx:UIComponent id="playBox" x="0" y="0">     </mx:UIComponent>     <mx:Canvas id="overlay" backgroundColor="#FFFFFF" backgroundAlpha="0" x="0" y="0"/>     </mx:Application>

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Without that line everything works great just without the access via javascript.

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Never mind. Accidentally opened the file through the explorer instead of the localhost.... It works.
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