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I decided to just start all over again with the tutorials, and am feeling more equipt to try and tackle actionscript once again...
I do have a question concerning the 4 mice example in the get_property downloadable example:
In it, the library has an MC called 'Mouse' and a button called 'mouse_button.' In edit symbol mode, Jesse was able to add this script on the MC:

on (release) {
_root.xpos = getProperty ( _target, _x );
_root.ypos = getProperty ( _target, _y );
_root.xscale = getProperty ( _target, _xscale );
_root.yscale = getProperty ( _target, _yscale );
_root.alpha = getProperty ( _target, _alpha );
_root.rotation = getProperty ( _target, _rotation );

I've tried to recreate this, but have only been able to do it on buttons. I tried to see if 'mouse_button' was dropped into the MC 'Mouse', but it doesn't seem so. What's up with that? Is the button "inside" the MC? If so, why can't I ungroup and move it?

(This is all in search of the ability to use the _target variable for several instances without having to enter in their seperate names each time)

Thanks anyone, and especially Jesse for (slowly) showing me the light.
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Hi Brian...
Those actions are on buttons. The buttons are the mouse images inside the movie clip.

Select one of the mouse MC's, right click and choose 'edit'.
You will now be in the MC's editing mode with the button.

You can always check by choosing, Modify/Instance, then look at the instance panel to see what type of symbol it is.

Good luck.
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