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Default root relative path vs absolute path

Ok. This is a head scratcher. Why would a root relative path cause a Security Sandbox error.. but an absolute path to the exact same path work fine..

the setup is this..

swf is located on say .. http://sub.mydomain.com/static/flash/

the html is targeting the swf like so .. /static/flash/my.swf
the html is passing a flashvars like so .. apiPath=/blah/api/

and in the actionscript we have ..

ActionScript Code:
var _url = apiPath+"some/other/?stuff=forauthentication"; var _req = new URLRequest(_url); _reg.method = "POST"; _req.data = additionalDataToSend_obj; var _loader = new URLLoader(); _loader.addEventListener(SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR, catchIt); _loader.load(_req); function catchIt(evt:SecurityErrorEvent){    error_txt.text = evt; }

now the issue is when it uses a root relative path. to send the data. It causes a security sandbox error "Error:2048".. but no explanation included .. like it usually does.


when you include the domain as part of the path, everything works as expected.
ActionScript Code:
var domain = flashVars.url.match(/(http|https).*?\.(com|net|org)/)[0]; // returns the exact subdomain that everything is hosted on. var _url = domain+apiPath+"some/other/?stuff=forauthentication";
There is no cross domain issue. But it almost appears like URLLoader is not retaining the proper domain when using a root relative path.

is this a known bug or are we just missing something.

The issue is resolved. I'm just trying to understand why there would be a 'generic sandbox error' if everything is on the same domain.
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